I didn’t know this until I worked on Gratoony the Loony, but the publisher wanted us to go out and get notable people to read the book ahead of time and offer up a “blurb” for the back of the book. Here are three that we chose:

“An almost impossible to believe life story, with an anti-hero cast that not even Slap Shot would dare to imagine. In the history of hockey, you’ll never meet Gilles Gratton’s equal. You’ll read Gratoony the Loony in one gulp, mouth wide open. All that we’ve ever heard about him, all the legends, and all the mind-blowing and hilarious tales, are true.”
– Marc Durand, author and reporter for CBC/Radio-Canada

“Hockey has had its fair share of memorable characters, but none more so than Gilles Gratton. Now for the first time, the eccentric and outspoken goaltender shares his own ‘unique’ story, and what an interesting tale it is. From his childhood in Quebec, to his junior days in Oshawa, and his short, abbreviated stints in the WHA and the NHL, and beyond, it’s all here, no holds barred. Written alongside noted hockey author Greg Oliver, Gratoony the Loony takes the reader on a personal journey quite unlike any other.”
– Todd Denault, author of Jacques Plante and The Greatest Game

“NHL history is filled with legendary players doing legendary things. But sometimes, the very best stories are found by digging past the headlines and record books and into the game’s oddball cast of supporting characters. And the hockey world hasn’t produced many characters more fascinating than Gilles Gratton. From his memorable masks to his transcendental meditation to his naked practices, Gratoony the Loony has a fascinating story to tell, and hockey fans of all ages won’t want to miss it.”
– Sean McIndoe of Down Goes Brown